Sentence Examples with the word pasted

He pasted raised labels on objects and made her fit the labels to the objects and the objects to the labels.

Cavallo about 1770 employed two fine silver wires terminating in pith balls suspended in a glass vessel having strips of tin-foil pasted down the sides (fig.

A design is drawn by the artist, to whom the whole credit of the production generally belongs, with a brush on thin paper, which is then pasted face downwards on the block.

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The two men celebrated with a deli pastrami sandwich pasted with horseradish that made your eyes burn.

On the side of the fixed disk next the rotating disk were pasted two sectors of paper A, A, with short blunt points attached to them which projected out into the windows on the side away from the rotating disk.

A matrix of wood or iron is covered with successive layers of papers, pasted together so as to form pasteboard.