Sentence Examples with the word pass through

From the large lens, E, the rays pass through the open air for a considerable distance, depending upon how much the mast has been raised, to the lower optical system.

From the outer cortical myceliuni, again, branches pass through the epidermis and grow out in the soil, In stich cases the roots of the plants are usuall) found spreading in soils which contain a large amount of humus, or decaying vegetable matter.

The first dorsal spinal nerve coincides in position with the myocomma which separates the first myotome from the second on each side, and thereafter the successive dorsal roots pass through the substance of the myocommata on their way to the skin; they are therefore septal or intersegmental in position.

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In the scale of C the intervals from the key-note, the frequency ratios with the key-note, the successive frequency ratios and the successive intervals are as follows: - If we pass through two intervals in succession, as, for instance, if we ascend through a fourth from C to F and then through a third from F to A, the frequency ratio of A to C is a, which is the product of the ratios for a fourth 4, and a third I That is, if we add intervals we must multiply frequency ratios to obtain the frequency ratio for the interval which is the sum of the two.

There is a regulating arrangement, by which onehalf of the guide-passages can be shut off in pairs from the water, and at the same time air is freely admitted into these unused passages by pipes which pass through the hinges of the controlling shutter.

Hence, when the undulating telephonic currents were made to pass through the apparatus, the constant variation of the friction of the spring caused the deflexions of the diaphragm to vary in unison with the variation of the electric The extreme smallness of the magnets which might be successfully employed was first demonstrated by Professor Peirce of Brown University, Providence, R.I.

The plane in question is called the null-plane of P. If the null-plane of P pass through Q, the null-plane of will pass through P, since PQ is a null-line.

A single family may include isomyarian, anisomyarian and monomyarian forms, and the latter in development pass through stages in which they resemble the first two.

In Newton's method, two angles of constant magnitude are caused to revolve about their vertices which are fixed in position, in such a manner that the intersection of two limbs moves along a fixed straight line; then the two remaining limbs envelop a conic. Maclaurin's method, published in his Geometria organica (1719), is based on the proposition that the locus of the vertex of a triangle, the sides of which pass through three fixed points, and the base angles move along two fixed lines, is a conic section.

The aggregate should be the best obtainable and of different sizes, the stones being freshly crushed and screened to pass through a -'s in.