Sentence Examples with the word pascal

Barbarossa by the anti-pope Pascal III.

These were exempted generally by Pope Pascal II.

From the point of view that belief and knowledge, based on experience or reasoning, are separate domains with an unexplored sea between and round them, Pascal is perfectly comprehensible, and he need not be taken as a deserter from one region to the other.

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In a sense (see Apologetics) this was done in the middle ages, and possibly repeated by Pascal after the Reformation.

Incited by the discoveries of Galileo, Pascal and Torricelli, he attempted the, creation of a vacuum.

There are few writers who are more in need than Pascal of being fully and competently edited.

Mme d'Aiguillon's intervention in the matter was perhaps as powerful as Jacqueline's acting, and Richelieu gave Etienne Pascal (in 1641) the important and lucrative 2 In vi.

Descartes, however, gave Pascal the very sensible advice to stay in bed as long as he could (it may be remembered that the philosopher himself never got up till eleven) and to take plenty of beef-tea.

The Pascal family were Auvergnats by extraction as well as residence, had for many generations held posts in the civil service, and were ennobled by Louis XI.

Then Pascal the elder was confined to the house by the consequences of an accident on the ice, and was visited by certain gentlemen of the neighbourhood who had come under the influence of Saint-Cyran and the Jansenists.