Sentence Examples with the word partnership

It was forbidden to admit an outsider to partnership or to co-ownership of ships, to trade in non-Hanseatic goods, to buy or sell on credit in a foreign mart or to enter into contracts for future delivery.

Eternity in such an unequal partnership wasn't even worth considering.

He at first acted energetically, but was subsequently accused of having entered into partnership with the barbarians and was sentenced to death by the emperor.

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The effect of marriage upon the property of the spouses is, by the Roman-Dutch law and in the absence of any ante-nuptial contract to the contrary, to bring about a complete community of property, virtually a universal partnership between husband and wife, subject to the sole and absolute control of the husband while the marriage lasts.

As these were insufficient to give employment to all the prisoners, some were put to work on Yazoo Delta plantations on partnership contracts.

Mach published a promising idea, and finally-independently of the researches of his predecessors-Hektor de Grousilliers, in partnership with the Zeiss firm (E.

He soon made himself known by a variety of useful mechanical inventions, and in 1818 came over to England with a plan for engraving bank-notes on steel, which ultimately proved a signal success, and was carried out by Perkins in partnership with the English engraver Heath.

Greeley was now asked by James Gordon Bennett to go into partnership with him in starting The Herald.

Granted, he was Death, and she was offering a partnership running the underworld instead of deferring to him in his role in charge of the underworld.

He acted ultra vires, but by his act saved Hungary from a severe economic crisis and retained for her the right to benefit by economic partnership with Austria until the expiry of the new treaties in 1917.