Sentence Examples with the word parliamentarian

She owned a good estate, though probably impoverished by Parliamentarian exactions, at Mandinam, in Carmarthenshire.

In 1647 the parliamentarian troops razed the castle to the ground, so that its remains are now inconsiderable, though portions of three towers still exist.

As an inducement, the Solemn League and Covenant was signed by all Parliamentarian Englishmen, the terms of which were interpreted by the Scots to bind England to submit to Presbyterianism, though the most important clauses had been purposely left vague, so as to afford a loophole of escape.

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When a change of Government occurs the president chooses a prominent parliamentarian as premier and president of the council.

In 1586 there was a terrible visitation of the plague; and the parliamentarian forces were overthrown here in the Civil War.