Sentence Examples with the word parlement

CHARLES DE MARILLAC (c. 1510-1560), French prelate and diplomatist, came of a good family of Auvergne, and at the age of twenty-two was advocate at the parlement of Paris.

Joachim Descartes, his father, having purchased a commission as counsellor in the parlement of Rennes, introduced the family into that demi-noblesse of the robe which, between the bourgeoisie and the high nobility, maintained a lofty rank in French society.

Marguerite died shortly in prison; Jeanne was declared innocent by the parlement and returned to her husband.

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Judicially it was under the authority of the parlement of Bordeaux; for financial purposes it was part of the generalite of Montauban.

The exile of the parlement to Troyes, the arrest of various members, and the curt declaration of the kings absolute authority (November 9, 2787) were unsuccessful in breaking down its resistance.

His son, Galactoire, who was president of the parlement of Navarre, died on the 10th of February 1689.

His father was an advocate at the parlement of Grenoble, and his mother was a woman of high birth, superior ability and noble character.

Had taken reprisals against him in 1336 by making his parlement declare the forfeiture of Edwards lands and castles in Guienne; but the Hundred Years War, at first-simply a feudal quarrel between vassal and suzerain, soon became a great national conflict, in consequence of what was occurring in Flanders.

Amid this reign of terror and of revolt the university, the only moral and intellectual force, taking the place of the impotent The Or- states-general and of a parlement carefully restricted to donnance the judiciary sphere, vainly tried to re-establish a firm Cabo- monarchical system by means of the Ordonnance Cabochienne.

In 1413 he joined the Burgundian faction, and was exiled by the parlement of Paris.