Sentence Examples with the word parking

Wide, with four rows of trees shading the parking of its central mall, and is a link through the Back Bay Fens with the beautiful outer park system.

Keaton pulled the car off the road into a grassy parking area beside the creek and shut off the engine.

She spent the better half of the next day too depressed to leave her bed before forcing herself up and parking on the patio in the sun, determined not to waste another day in the dark.

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A scattering of cars dotted the parking lot but due to the late hour the avenue beyond was nearly devoid of traffic.

There in the blur of a passing auto and mirrored in descending waves of rain was the huddled figure of Cynthia Byrne stumbling across the parking lot toward the road and the beach beyond.

I know I could get mugged, but that could happen in the hospital parking lot if I was driving a car.

Dean had had no direct contact with Cynthia Byrne after their acrimonious separation at the Jersey shore restaurant's parking lot.

After turning the knob once to confirm it was locked, he paused, somewhat unsteadily, and glanced across the motel parking lot.

No, he caught me in the parking lot and said you were helping a friend, but you wanted to invite me to this party.

However, parking was next to impossible, as preparations were underway for the morning parade, and driving by, he noticed the market was closed for the holiday.