Sentence Examples with the word parked

They parked close to the building and, leaving the engine running, Dean made a dash for the office.

Howie described a car parked with an open trunk on the far side of the fence.

Lisa watched as he parked his car and walked over to examine hers.

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As they circled an outcrop of rock, they were surprised to see a yellow open-top Jeep parked behind the boulders, invisible from below.

Pulling into a well lit empty parking lot, she parked the car to the side.

When she arrived, the mustang was parked so close to the apartment that she had to walk around it to climb the stairs.

There was a sheriff's vehicle parked out front, but Dean wasn't sure if it belonged to Fitzgerald or Lydia.

So absorbed was she in thought that she didn't notice the gray truck parked in her yard until she opened the gate.

As I parked in my barn, the beautiful little girl I've dreamt about began to squirm and awaken.

We parked and entered together.