Sentence Examples with the word paris

Spain took military possession in 1781, and in the Treaty of Paris (1783) both of the Floridas were ceded back to her.

Thurman was a member of the Electoral Commission of 1877, and was one of the American delegates to the international monetary conference at Paris in 1881.

He was with the English force under the earl of Arundel which accompanied the duke of Burgundy to Paris in October 1411 and there defeated the Armagnacs, an exploit which revealed to England the weakness of the French.

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This advice was rejected from dread of another revolution in Paris, and a delegation to organize resistance in the provinces was despatched to Tours, but when this was seen to be inefficient Gambetta himself (7th October) quitted Paris in a balloon, and upon arriving at Tours took the supreme direction of affairs as minister of the interior and of war.

During the siege of La Rochelle he performed a mission which brought him in touch with Richelieu, who shortly afterwards nominated him intendant de justice in Beam (1631), and in 1639 summoned him to Paris with the title of counsellor of state.

Soon afterwards a fresh revolt in Paris caused the king and the Assembly to migrate thither.

He began his journalistic career with the Daily News, of which he became part proprietor just before the Franco-German War, and he was himself the author of the Letters of a Besieged Resident, sent to that newspaper from Paris by balloon post during the siege, addressed to his wife in London.

JEAN MARTIN CHARCOT (1825-1893), French physician, was born in Paris on the 29th of November 1825.

As representative of Japan at the Paris Exhibition of 1878, he took the opportunity afforded by his mission to study the financial systems of the great European powers.

The proceeds were invested in such a way at Paris as to bring him in a yearly income of between 6000 and 7000 francs (equal now to more than L500).