Sentence Examples with the word parhelic

The emerging rays are parallel to their original direction and form a colourless image on the parhelic circle opposite the sun.

The other images on the parhelic circle are the paranthelia (q) and the anthelion (a) (from the Greek av-ri, opposite, and iXcos, the sun).

As the sun rises, the rays enter the prisms more and more obliquely, and the angle of minimum deviation increases; but since the emergent ray makes the same angle with the refracting edge as the incident ray, it follows that the parhelia will remain on the parhelic circle, while receding from the inner halo.

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The most brilliant are situated at the intersections of the inner halo and the parhelic circle; these are known as parhelia (denoted by the letter p in the figures) (from the Gr.

Passing through the luminary and parallel to the horizon, there is a white luminous circle, the parhelic circle (P), on which a number of images of the luminary appear.