Sentence Examples with the word parent

The Cretans themselves claimed for their island to be the birthplace of Zeus, as well as the parent of all the other divinities usually worshipped in Greece as the Olympian deities.

The particular pattern will only appear when the coloured parent is mated with the particular albino.

Of which, constituting the next part of the false axis, occupies the angle between this bract and its parent axis - the bract from which the axis really does arise being situated lower down upon the same side of the axis with itself.

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Finally the romance to which it owed much of its popular appeal, became, through the medium of Rufinus's Latin, the parent of the late medieval legend of Faust, and so the ancestor of a famous type in modern literature.

It has been shown that the individuals in such an offspring may bear patterns which never occurred in the ancestry of the coloured parent, but did in that of the albino; and, moreover, if the same coloured parent be mated with another individual, either albino or coloured, that their offspring may never contain members bearing such patterns.

Vittatum (flowers white with red stripes, a beautiful species and the parent of many varieties), are stove or warm greenhouse plants.

Many of these differ widely from the parent race, but all the Melanesian peoples have certain common characteristics which distinguish them sharply from the inhabitants of Polynesia and Micronesia.

It is within common observation that parent and offspring are alike: that the new organism resembles that from which it has come into existence: in fine, biogenesis is homogenesis.

Aliphatic monobasic acids are further divided according to the nature of the parent hydrocarbon.

Especially interesting is the figure of Aesculapius, whose traditional birthplace was Epidaurum or Epidaurus, the parent city of Ragusa.