Sentence Examples with the word paralytic

Of the four purely Johannine signs, two - the cures of the paralytic (v.

Early in 1873 he suffered a paralytic stroke which partially disabled him.

She would seem to have been from the first of a morbid and unhealthy temperament, and beforei'the age of thirteen was the subject of a paralytic seizure.

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The respiration becomes slower owing to a paralytic action on the respiratory centre and, in warm-blooded animals, death is due to this action, the respiration being arrested before the action of the heart.

At Belcoo, near Enniskillen, there is a famous well called Daragh Phadric, held in repute by the peasantry for its cure of paralytic and other diseases; and 4 m.

In 1865, when Morton had a paralytic stroke and went to Europe for treatment, the president entrusted him with a confidential mission to Napoleon III.

He retained the full use of his senses during the paralytic attack, and in July he was sufficiently recovered to renew his old club life and to meditate further journeys.

The most frequent are the miracle at Cana, the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, the paralytic carrying his bed, the healing of the woman with the issue of blood, the raising of Lazarus, FIG.

Five days later he died suddenly in prison, probably by foul play, though it was given out that he had been carried off by a paralytic stroke.