Sentence Examples with the word parallelogram

Thus if a lacquer box in the form of a parallelogram is the object, Japanese artists will not divide it in two equal parts by a perpendicular line, but by a diagonal, as offering a more pleasing line and division.

The sum of two such lines (formed by adding together the real and the imaginary parts of two such expressions) can, of course, be expressed as a third directed line) - the diagonal of the parallelogram of which they are conterminous sides.

For the condition of equilibrium of forces not parallel is that they shall be represented in direction and magnitude by the sides and diagonals of certain parallelograms, and of parallel forces that they shall divide certain straight lines in certain ratios; and the parallel projection of a parallelogram is a parallelogram, and that of a straight line divided in a given ratio is a straight line divided in the same ratio.

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In multiplications or divisions of any length it is generally convenient to begin by forming a table of the first nine multiples of the multiplicand or divisor, and Napier's bones at best merely provide such a table, and in an incomplete form, for the additions of the two figures in the same parallelogram have to be performed each time the rods are used.

The fundamental postulate of this part of our subject is that the two forces acting on a particle may be compounded by the parallelogram rule.

On the opposite side of the Vyver lies the parallelogram formed by the fine houses and magnificent avenue of trees of the Lange Voorhout, the Kneuterdyk and the Vyverburg, representing the fashionable kernel of the city.

R represented by the diagonal OC of the parallelogram determined by OA, OB.

If many simultaneously and variously directed forces act on a given body, the direction of its motion cannot coincide with any one of those forces, but will always be a mean--what in mechanics is represented by the diagonal of a parallelogram of forces.

A new order of battle was adopted - the troops being massed in crescent formation, with a reserve in the shape of a parallelogram ready to strengthen the weakest point.

Thus a fdrce can be uniquely resolved into two components acting in two assigned directions in the same plane with it by an inversion of the parallelogram construction of fig.