Sentence Examples with the word parallel

In Skioldunga-bok was told the history of the early kings of Denmark, perhaps derived from Ari's collections, and running parallel to Ynglinga.

Like the chief armnerve, this strand runs through the lophophore, parallel indeed with the former except near the middle line, where it passes ventrally to the oesophagus.

Air may be ignored as insensible, and the actual velocity and its horizontal component, or component parallel to the line of sight, are undistinguishable.

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A jet or jets of water impinge on the cups, the interiors of which are shaped in such a way that the jet is discharged parallel to its original direction.

The other, which served for the treasure-houses, passed in front of the Porch of Echo parallel with the line of the east Altis wall.

The spectroscope is then moved parallel to itself, admitting to the collimator slit light from all parts of the sun's disk.

In the second case there is also the closest parallel between physical blindness cured, and spiritual darkness dispelled, by the Logos-Light as described in the accompanying discourse.

It rose on the heights of Hampstead, traversed Paddington, may be traced in the course of the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, ran parallel to and east of Sloane Street, and joined the Thames close to Chelsea Bridge.

Again, since the shortest distance between any two conjugate lines cuts the central axis at right angles, the orthogonal projections of two conjugate lines on a plane perpendicular to the central axis will be parallel (fig.

Dr. Bell writes that Helen's progress is without a parallel in the education of the deaf, or something like that and he says many nice things about her teacher.