Sentence Examples with the word paraguay

Besides these, the flora of the Paraguay basin varies widely from that of the inland plateau, and that of the Brazilian Guiana region is essentially distinct from the Amazon.

Mangels, Wirtschaftliche, naturgeschichtliche and klimatologische Abhandlungen aus Paraguay (Munich, 1904); W.

Medical experts state that the beverage infused from the leaves has a stimulating effect, and is also slightly diuretic. The total amount exported from Paraguay in 1908 was 4133 tons.

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These extensions, and the alteration of gauge to that of the Argentine North-Eastern, were carried out mainly at the cost of the Argentine government, which acquired a controlling interest in the Paraguay Central.

Others of the same order evangelized Paraguay in 1582, while the Huguenots sent forth under a French knight of Malta a body of devoted men to attempt the formation of a Christian colony at Rio Janeiro.

From Montevideo river steamers are sent up the Parana and Paraguay rivers to Corumba and Cuyaba, in the state of Matto Grosso.

They had ascended the waters of the Paraguay to their sources.

The only railway in the republic is the Paraguay Central which was open in 1906 between Asuncion and Pirap6 (154 m.).

The Paraguay is in great part a lowland river, with a sluggish current, and is navigable by large river steamers up to Corumba, and by smaller steamers to Cuyaba and the mouth of the Jauru.

The Paraguay basin is covered with extensive marshy tracts and open woodlands, the palms being the conspicuous feature.