Sentence Examples with the word paragraph

The Commentaries of Averroes fall under three heads: - the larger commentaries, in which a paragraph is quoted at large, and its clauses expounded one by one; the medium commentaries, which cite only the first words of a section; and the paraphrases or analyses, treatises on the subjects of the Aristotelian books.

On the 3rd, and in a concluding paragraph announced that the crown prince had been requested to co-operate from the north.

In the succeeding paragraph the bracketed figures indicate the distance in miles above London Bridge.

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Despite these public works Dr von KBrber found himself unable to induce parliament to vote the Budgets for 1903, rber's 1904 or 1905, and was obliged to revert to the expedient Ko parlia- employed by his predecessors of sanctioning the esti- mentary mates by imperial ordinance under paragraph 14 of diffi- the constitution.

Are in Umbrian character; the Latin alphabet is used in the Claverniur paragraph (V.

In the middle ages people used to cite passages by the initial words; and the Germans do so still, giving, however, the number of the paragraph in the extract (if there are more paragraphs than one), and appending the number of the book and title.

In the latter the Gemara follows each paragraph of the Mishnah; in the former, references are usually made to the leaves (the two pages of which are called a and b), the enumeration of the editio princeps being retained in subsequent editions.

It is more probable, however, that these words served the Franks, who were ignorant of Latin, as clues to the general sense of each paragraph of the law.

The simple form of ocellus described in the foregoing paragraph may become folded into a pit or cup, the interior of which becomes filled with a clear gelatinous secretion forming a sort of vitreous Modified after Linko, Travaux Soc. Imp. Nat., St.

He had a church here for ten years or so and his wife Anne was 'a well-respected lady of social importance,' at least according to a newspaper article I found, and a paragraph in the local history.