Sentence Examples with the word paradise

James remained in a fool's paradise till the last, and only awakened to his danger when William landed at Torbay (November 5, 1688) and swept all before him.

Religious faith, love of adventure, the hope of making advantageous conquests, anticipations of a promised paradise all combined to force this advance upon the Orient, which though failing to rescue the sepulchre of Christ, the ephemeral kingdoms of Jerusalem and Cyprus, the dukedom of Athens, or the Latin empire of Constantinople, yet gained for France that prestige for military glory and religious piety which for centuries constituted her strength in the Levant (see CRUSADES).

West and beyond the suburb, Heraclea, lay the paradise of Daphne, a park of woods and waters, in the midst of which rose a great temple to the Pythian Apollo, founded by Seleucus I.

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According to the Mahabharata he is at last promoted to Paradise as the reward for his munificent charity.

Japan must indeed be a paradise for children to judge from the great number of playthings which are manufactured there.

Then Sophia or Prunikos sent the serpent (as a benefactor) to persuade Adam and Eve to eat the tree of knowledge and so break the commandment of Ialdabaoth, who banished them from paradise to earth.

The next night, however, having dreamt that he beheld Firdousi in paradise dressed in the sacred colour, green, and wearing an emerald crown, he reconsidered his determination; and the poet was henceforth held to be perfectly orthodox.

Mexico is a paradise of lizards, which are noted for their diversity in form as well as for their remarkable colouration.

BIREN (or BtHREN), Ernst Johann (1690-1772), duke of Courland, was the grandson of a groom in the service of Duke Standard Wing Bird of Paradise (Semioptera wallacei).

The clash of arms breaks upon his pagan paradise with no uncertain sound; he is swift in narrative, breathless in escapade.