Sentence Examples with the word par

Du Chinois par Stanislas Julien (Paris, 1853); ' Memoires sur les contrees occidentales ...

These proposals were acted upon: the Bank of Japan was established, and the right of issuing convertible notes given to it; and within three years of the initiation of these financial reforms, the paper currency, largely reduced in quantity, was restored to its full par value with silver, and the currency as a whole placed on a solvent basis.

The demands for reimbursement at par represented a sum of only 187,588 and the market value of the stock was hardly affected; while the saving to the Treasury was to be 800,000 per annum for the first five years and about double the amount afterwards.

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The translation was printed under the title Abrege de chronologie de M le Chevallier Newton, fait par lui-meme et traduit sur le manuscrit anglais.

Pedro's connexion par amours with Inez would of itself have aroused no opposition.

For details of his life consult Peuchet, Mirabeau: Memoires sur sa vie litteraire et privee (1824); and the Memoires biographiques, litteraires et politiques de Mirabeau, ecrits par lui-meme, par son pere, son oncle et son fits adoptif, which was issued by his adopted son, Lucas de Montigny (8 vols., Paris, 1834-1835).

There is British Baluch Baluchistan par excellence, and there is the rest of Baluchistan which exists in various degrees of independence, but is everywhere subject to British control.

Paz Soldan and other Peruvian geographers give the name of Andes, par excellence, to the Eastern Cordillera.

A new form of appeal grew up side by side with the older form, which had been mainly an oral procedure, namely the appeal by writing (appel par ecrit).

Besides his innumerable contributions to journalism, he published an astronomical work entitled L'Eternite par les astres (1872), and after his death his writings on economic and social questions were collected under the title of Critique sociale (1885).