Sentence Examples with the word paperwork

She returned to the desk and scoured the paperwork for some sort of identifying information on the place she'd been or the company that developed the forms.

Got the divorce paperwork to prove it.

The woman and boy left while she filled out the paperwork and then set it on a counter of what looked like an abandoned reception area.

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The paperwork otherwise had nothing to do with Toby or their accusation that she abandoned her kid on the Metro.

I have a lot of paperwork from the clinic and from investments.

It was amazing how little paperwork was required with a cash sale.

She attached the prescriptions to the fridge with another cartoon magnet and smoothed out the paperwork she'd been given from the police station.

Alex didn't have to go to the clinic, but he wanted to complete some paperwork at home so he declined the buggy ride.

Thrilled, Kiera looked over the paperwork outlining her first sales.

Carmen filled out all the necessary paperwork and then settled down for a long wait.