Sentence Examples with the word paper

Irish State Paper Office) setting forth the grievances which Ireland had suffered in the past, chiefly on account of the exorbitant pensions enjoyed by government officials.

Thus Clement XI., at war with Austria in 1708, debased the currency; Clement (1730-1740) issued paper money and set up a government lottery, excommunicating all subjects who put their money into the lotteries of Genoa or Naples; Benedict XIV.

This paper was very influential in shaping public opinion in the years preceding the War of Independence; after the war it was successively Federalist, Whig and Republican.

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This suicidal policy continued until February 28, 1903, when, according to an official statement, the outstanding paper circulation was: - 700,598,865.30 So great was the depreciation of this currency that before the end of the war loo American gold dollars were quoted at 22,500 pesos.

His mother, Jemima Fourdrinier, was of a Huguenot family, long established in London as engravers and paper manufacturers.

Von Lamont's paper (Jahrbuch der K.

Four-fifths of all loft-dried paper produced in the country from1860-1897was made within 15 m.

From data contained in Joule's paper it may be calculated that the strongest external field Ho produced by his coil was about 126 C.G.S.

At the expiration of the 20 days Ayaz gave the paper to the sultan, who on opening it found the celebrated satire which is now always prefixed to copies of the Shdhnama, and which is perhaps one of the bitterest and severest pieces of reproach ever penned.

On paper the scheme had everything to recommend it as the expedient most likely to bring about the desired end.