Sentence Examples with the word pants

He tugged on loose judo pants and flung himself on his back on the bed nearest the door.

He wore only judo pants again this morning, his relaxed body reminding her too much of what it felt like to lie beneath him the day before.

He changed directions and pulled on loose judo pants that settled low on his hips before replacing the red gem at his throat.

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She wore sparring clothing consisting of snug pants and T-shirt that hugged her shape in all the right places.

D wore judo pants low enough on his hips that she blushed as her gaze followed the trail of hair that disappeared into his pants.

One of my most expensive shirts with the pants that went out of season five years ago.

He jammed his hands into his pants pockets.

We're going to forget about spankings and I'm going to show the town my new cool pants while we all go to dinner.

A gray haired woman with long braids and no teeth jerked on Cassie's pants leg.

You said you wanted to marry a man capable of wearing the pants because that's what you wanted him to do.