Sentence Examples with the word panipat

The Mahrattas bravely encountered him at Panipat near Delhi in 1761, and were decisively defeated.

In 1526 Baber, the fifth in descent from Timur, and also the fifth Mahommedan conqueror, invaded India at the instigation of the governor of the Punjab, won the victory of Panipat over Ibrahim, the last of the Lodi dynasty, and founded the Mogul empire, which lasted, at least in name, until 1857.

But the real founder of the state of Gwalior was Mahadji Sindhia, a natural son of Ranoji, who, after narrowly escaping with his life from the terrible slaughter of Panipat in 1761 (when Jankoji was killed), obtained with some difficulty from the peshwa a re-grant of his father's possessions in Central India (1769).

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The great battle was fought at Panipat on the 21st of April 1526, when Ibrahim was slain and his army routed.

At his great battle of Panipat (January 6, 1761), with vastly inferior numbers, he inflicted on the Mahrattas, then at the zenith of their power, a tremendous defeat, almost annihilating their vast army; but the success had for him no important result.

After having won the battle of Panipat (1526) Baber was no more acknowledged as emperor of India than his ancestor Timur had been.