Sentence Examples with the word panicked

Immobilized, she waited with panicked dread for an attack like Sasha's.

Bianca righted herself and carefully straightened the blonde, panicked by her pale features.

The panicked animal fought him for its head instead, refusing to obey him.

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Edith Shipton's jaw dropped and a panicked look spread across her white face.

Bianca inched closer, panicked gaze on her brother.

No stone left unturned until I see the blood of my tipster-nemesis flood the ground beneath her panicked body.

His gaze was steady and commanding as he sought to connect with her panicked mind.

They wove their way through the panicked crowds toward Andre's building.

Lydia croaked in a panicked whisper.

Like the vamp-cat, Jessi's cousins had gone from panicked at being kidnapped in the middle of the night to content on the compound.