Sentence Examples with the word panhandle

In the area of the Newer Appalachian Mountains, the eastern Panhandle region has a forest similar to that of the plateau district; but between these two areas of hardwood there is a long belt where spruce and white pine cover the mountain ridges.

The panhandle fed into the roughly circular main body of the lake, and she paused.

The orographic features of the Pacific Mountain system trend parallel to the coast-line of the Gulf of Alaska, changing with this at the great bend beyond the N., and of the Panhandle from S.E.

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It was roughly round with a narrow panhandle that was closest to the fortress.

The massive lake was roughly round with a panhandle on the side nearest the fortress.

Precipitation is greatest in the mountains, over 50 in.; and least over the Ohio Valley, the eastern Panhandle and the extreme south-east, 35 to 40 in.