Sentence Examples with the word pane

He had published in 1575 The firste pane of Churchyarde's Chip pes, the modest title which he gives to his works.

Glass, in flat pieces, such as might be employed for windows, has been found in the ruins of Roman houses, both in England and in Italy, and in the house of the faun at Pompeii a small pane in a bronze frame remains.

A woman, dreaming of her pending marriage, scratched in tiny letters with her diamond, 'So in love, says everyone,' on the pane of her bedroom window.

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This has been twice printed in comparatively recent times (Instrukcya Jak6ba Sobieskiego kasztelana Krakowskiego dana pane Orchowskiemu ze strony synow, Vilna, 1840).

Cavendish measured the capacity of disks and condensers of various forms, and proved that the capacity of a Leyden pane is proportional to the surface of the tinfoil and inversely as the thickness of the glass.

The tyranny of the pane Guelfa still continued unabated, and the capitani carried an enactment by which no measure affecting the parte should be even discussed by the signory unless previously approved of by them.

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