Sentence Examples with the word panda

Robertson, who laboured in the country for many years, gaining the confidence both of Panda and Cetywayo.

He prescribes panda toenail unction to be spread on the forehead before sleep to make the dreams more lucid.

This they did on the condition that Umtonga's life was spared, and in 1861 Panda signed a deed making over the land to the Boers.

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The boundary was beaconed in 1864, but when in 1865 Umtonga fled from Zululand to Natal, Cetywayo, seeing that he had lost his part of the bargain (for he feared that Umtonga 1 might be used to supplant him as Panda had been used to supplant Dingaan), caused the beacon to be removed, the Zulu claiming also the land ceded by the Swazis to Lydenburg.

Long afterwards the treaty with Panda was successfully invoked to prevent a German occupation of the bay.) No sooner had the British become possessed of Natal than there was a large immigration into it of Zulu fleeing from the misgovernment of Panda.

St Lucia Bay had been ceded to the British by the Zulu king Panda in 1843, and this cession has always been regarded as valid.

Suspecting Panda of favouring a younger son, Umbulazi, as his successor, Cetywayo made war on his brother, whom he defeated and slew at a great battle on the banks of the Tugela in December 1856.