Sentence Examples with the word pancreas

The vaccine nanoparticles are painted with a protein that helps keep the white blood cells from attacking the pancreas without damaging the overall immune system.

When the pancreas is excised in an animal, or when it is destroyed in man by disease, grape-sugar appears in the urine.

Currently there is no known cure for type 1 diabetes, in which white blood cells mistakenly attack cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

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This group is represented by the erepsin of the pancreas and other organs.

The part of the pancreas in digestion also is better understood.

There is much uncertainty as to the influence of atropine on the secretions of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas and kidneys, and it is not possible to make any definite statement, save that in all probability the activities of the nerves innervating the glandcells in these organs are reduced, though they are certainly not arrested, as in the other cases.

The whole of the secretion here is poured into the blood and not at all on to a mucous surface, and herein the thyroid gland differs largely from such glands as the pancreas or peptic and intestinal glands.

The transplantation of a piece of living pancreas into the tissues of an animal, thus rendered artificially diabetic, is said to restore it to health.

For example, the trypsin of the pancreas (see Nutrition) digests albuminous bodies in neutral or alcoholic solution, and if the whole of that which is secreted in the pancreas for the digestion of meat in the intestine were absorbed unchanged into the circulation, it would digest the body itself and quickly cause death.

The bird's liver receives nearly all the blood from the stomach, gut, pancreas and spleen, as well as from the left liver itself, into the right hepatic lobe, by a right and left portal vein.