Sentence Examples with the word pan-hellenic

Grote on Pan-Hellenic festivals, History of Greece, vol.

Already before Alexander pan-hellenic feeling had in various ways overridden the internal divisions of the Greek race, but now, with the vast mingling of Greeks of all sorts in the newlyconquered lands, a generalized Greek culture in which the old local characteristics were merged, came to overspread the world.

Under their influence a new National Assembly met at Troezene in March 1827 and elected as president Count Capo d'Istria, formerly Russian minister for foreign affairs; at the same time a new constitution was promulgated which, when the very life of the insurrection seemed on the point of flickering out, set forth the full ideal of Pan-Hellenic dreams. Anarchy followed; war of Rumeliotes against Moreotes, of chief against chief; rival factions bombarded each other from the two forts at Nauplia over the stricken town, and in derision of the impotent government.

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The Magnesians are instigated by pan-hellenic enthusiasm.

Callicratidas, an honourable man of pan-Hellenic patriotism, was heavily handicapped in the fact that Cyrus declined to afford him the help which had made Lysander powerful, and had recourse to the Milesians and Chians, with whose aid he fitted out a fleet of 140 triremes (only 10 Spartan).