Sentence Examples with the word pale blue

It burns with a pale blue flame, forming sulphur dioxide and water.

The oxychloride Cu 3 0 2 C1 2.4H 2 O is obtained as a pale blue precipitate when potash is added to an excess of cupric chloride.

It burns with a pale blue flame to form carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

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Lathum's pale blue gaze lifted from the tablet and searched Quint's.

A woman's pale blue flowered sweater was draped over the passenger seat.

If the flame of a candle or lamp be closely examined, it will be seen to consist of four parts - (a) a deep blue ring at the base, (b) a dark cone in the centre, (c) a luminous portion round this, and (d) an exterior pale blue envelope (see Flame).

Fire-damp when mixed with from four to twelve times its volume of atmospheric air is explosive; but when the proportion is above or below these limits it burns quietly with a pale blue flame.

Ferrous oxide produces an olive green or a pale blue according to the glass with which it is mixed.

She was dressed in a pair of light colored slacks, a pale blue blouse and was barefoot.