Sentence Examples with the word pal

Of the novels produced by Baron Sigismond Kemeny the Gyulai Pal (1847), in 5 vols., is, from its historical character, the most important.

Prince PAL Antal, grandson of the prince palatine Pal, was a distinguished soldier, who rose to the rank of field-marshal in 1758.

A certified check for 28 thou from my old pal and ex-partner, Arthur.

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The Deans had feared the long Colorado winter might slow down frisky Fred but, if anything, the opposite occurred, due in no small measure to his young pal and junk sale cohort, Martha Boyd.

The Deans were devastated and knew when Fred O'Connor returned and learned the news, he too would be crushed that his young pal was leaving.

Joseph Gvadanyi's tripartite work Falusi notdrius (Village Notary), published between 1790 and 1796, as also his Ronto Pal es gr.

Well, your pal leaves for a few days and turns off the power.

Then Hunter added, They wanted to see the file on your pal Jeffrey Byrne as well.

They're checking some of the info our good pal Vinnie gave us.

Too bad you couldn't have your FBI pal Winston check out a few more names for us.