Sentence Examples with the word pair

Both sexes carry lyrate horns; the shoulder-height of an adult male is about 30 in., and an average pair of horns measures 14 in.

The numerous male catkins are generally arranged in dense whorls around the bases of the young shoots; the anther-scales, surmounted by a crest-like appendage, shed their abundant pollen by longitudinal slits; the two ovules at the base of the inner side of each fertile cone-scale develop into a pair of winged seeds, which drop from the opening scales when mature - as in the allied genera.

Respiratory organs tracheal, opening by a pair of spiracles in the prosoma above the base of the fifth appendage on IV III I composed, at least in many cases, of eleven somites, the 1 1 th somite very small, often hidden within the loth.

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Randy and Jen made a great pair and Dean knew it would all work out in the long haul.

The head of a bristle-tail carries a pair of compound eyes and a pair of elongate many-jointed feelers.

If, however, pairs of metallic disks, made, say, of zinc and copper, are alternated with disks of cloth wetted with a conductor of the second class, such, for instance, as dilute acid or any electrolyte, then the effect of the feeble potential difference between one pair of copper and zinc disks is added to that of the potential difference between the next pair, and thus by a sufficiently long series of pairs any required difference of potential can be accumulated.

Slipping into a pair of tennis shoes, she headed for the kitchen.

In that year, however, Jean 1908; and a pair of Saturnian moons, designated Phoebe and Themis, were tracked out by Professor W.

In addition, and transform each pair to a new pair by substitutions, having the same coefficients a ll, a12, a 21, a 22 and arrive at functions of the original coefficients and variables (of one or more quantics) which possess the abovedefinied invariant property.

They there fore study that the numbers of teeth in each pair of wheels whici work together shall either be prime to each other, or shall hav their greatest common divisor as small as is consistent with velocity ratio suited for the purposes of the machine.