Sentence Examples with the word painted

Already in the New Kingdom the wealthiest persons had their mummies laid in several coffins, each of which was gaudily painted with mythological scenes and inscriptions.

An Indian on a painted horse leaped through the opening.

A portrait, painted in middle age, now in the church of Melhus, near Trondhjem, represents him in canonicals, with deep red beard and hair, the latter waved and silky, and a head of massive proportions.

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In 1845 he established at Paris a special archaeological library, and at the same time a manufactory of painted glass.

In the zodiac of Merton College, Oxford, Libra is represented by a judge in his robes and Pisces by the dolphin of Fitzjames, warden of the college, 1482-1507.6 The great rose-windows of the Early Gothic period were frequently painted with zodiacal emblems; and some frescoes in the cathedral of Cologne contain the signs, each with an attendant angel, just as they were depicted on the vault of the church at Mount Athos.

P. Peters and Thiersch, Painted Tombs in the Necropolis of Marissa (1905), ch.

The Eskimo engraved poorly, the Dene (Tinneh) embroidered in quill, the North Pacific tribes carved skilfully in horn, slate and cedar, the California tribes had nimble fingers for basketry, the Sioux gloried in feathers and painted parfleche.

It certainly didn't smell like someone had painted it recently, and there were scuff marks, crayon, and dirt on the walls.

The alpine meadows of the surrounding mountains were painted with some of the nation's most spectacular displays throughout the summer.

About half the outside and half the inside surface is coated smoothly with tin foil, and the remainder of the glazed surface is painted with shellac varnish.