Sentence Examples with the word pains

Amyot took great pains to find and interpret correctly the best authorities, but the interest of his books to-day lies in the style.

I saw the opening maw of hell, With endless pains and sorrows there; Which none but they that feel can tell-- Oh, I was plunging to despair.

The dangerous principle is a narcotic, and the symptoms are usually great nausea, drowsiness, stupor and pains in the joints.

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It was practically identical with that set forth by Browne in 1582, though they were at pains to deny personal connexion with him whom they now regarded as an apostate.

Clinically, dysentery manifests itself with varying degrees of intensity, and it is often impossible without microscopical examination to determine between the amoebic and bacillary forms. In well-marked cases the following are the chief symptoms. The attack is commonly preceded by certain premonitory indications in the form of general illness, loss of appetite, and some amount of diarrhoea, which gradually increases in severity, and is accompanied with griping pains in the abdomen (tormina).

It must be inferred from the whole practice of indulgences as at present authorized that the pains of purgatory are measurable by years and days; but here also everything is indefinite.

Her pains came upon her on the way, and she turned aside into this grove, which lay not far from Devadaha, and gave birth there to her son.

I chased him down this bluff but then I started getting pains in my chest and short of breath until I just had to stop.

The young king took little pains with the government, and the control of affairs was shared between the clerical and peace party led by Richard Fox and Archbishop Warham, and the secular and war party led by Surrey.

They were at pains to insist upon purity of heart and life as an indispensable condition for success in prophesying and to enlist piety in the service of morality.