Sentence Examples with the word paid-up capital

During the crisis banks having a paid-up capital and reserves of 5,000,000 and deposits of 53,000,000 closed their doors.

On a single-track-mile basis, the following comparison may be made between apparent capital costs in Great Britain and the United States: - Single-Track Paid-up Capital Mileage.

The paid-up capital of British railways in 1901 exceeded I,Ioo,000,000; the passengers, not including season ticket-holders, also numbered x,Ido,ooo,000; and the sum annually spent in working the lines considerably exceeded the whole capital authorized to be spent on their construction in 1837.

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Shows the paid-up capital, gross receipts, net receipts and proportion of net receipts to total paid-up capital on tile railways of the United Kingdom for a series of years.