Sentence Examples with the word pa

In the gthgs there is a special ablative, limited, as Pa Sanskrit, to the a stems, whilst in later Zend the ablative is PA tended to all the stems indifferently.

Post-positions, pa or be and ma, are required by the noun (substantive or adjective) that is to be singled out; po or bo (masc.) and mo (fern.) are used for distinction of gender or for emphasis.

It was almost inevitable in the transition from feudalism to democracy that this intermediate ground should be traversed; and the peculiar Italian phrases, primo popolo, secondo popolo, terzo pa polo, and so forth, indicate successive changes, whereby the oligarchy passed from one stage to another in its progress toward absorption in democracy or tyranny.

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Represented by a point P, so chosen that the perpendicular Pa on to the side BC gives the percentage of A in the alloy, and the perpendiculars Pb and Pc give the percentages of B and C respectively.

If my pa ever finds out, I'll get a whipping for sure.

They are the following: L, n, r, d between vowels or at the end of a word disappear: sd (sal), so (sot), vice (viene), tire (tiene), paa and pa (para), mia (mira), naa and ha (nada), too and to (todo).

Sativum - p r i nc i pa l are very numerous and of every grade of intensity.

A prae-gen opisth - 'II' opisth pa FIG.

As the coalition lacked the necessary majority, it was reduced to gathering support piecemeal among the more neutral groups: and for this task Pa g e, who became Premier in Jan.

I H Kato Pa Ngan K Junk Ceylon Puket 1.