Sentence Examples with the word owned

We need to do diligence of moveable articles owned by the debtor.

Colonel William Byrd,' who owned much land along the 1 The Byrds and their ancestors, the Steggs, were conspicuous in the early history of Virginia.

The state prison is at Raleigh, although most of the convicts are distributed upon farms owned and operated by the state.

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Edmund Waller the poet owned the property of Hall Barn, and died here in 1687.

Henry Watterson became editor in 1868, when the Courier (1843), established and owned by Walter N.

Families who owned great houses were able to keep them if they opened them to the public, acted as guides, and only lived in a small part of them.

Vanoli's Gold Belt Theater was the place that got the most attention, but he owned The Roma that Annie mentions, plus saloons up in Red Mountain and I guess other places.

The city water supply, owned by a private corporation, is obtained from artesian wells with a capacity of 40,000,000 gallons a day.

The successes of Alyattes and of Croesus finally changed the Lydian kingdom into a Lydian empire, and all Asia Minor westward of the Halys, except Lycia, owned the supremacy of Sardis.

The city owned public land which was let on lease and the rents were farmed out by auction.