Sentence Examples with the word overwhelmingly

But in the recent and great development of the iron industry the red haematite ores have been overwhelmingly predominant.

Delegates to a constitutional convention accordingly drafted a frame of government, which on the lath of January 1864 was submitted to a popular vote and overwhelmingly defeated.

To this inconceivably slowly-growing deposit of inorganic material over the ocean floor there is added an overwhelmingly more rapid contribution of the remains of calcareous and siliceous planktonic and benthonic organisms, which tend to bury the slower accumulating material under a blanket of globigerina, pteropod, diatom or radiolarian ooze.

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The concluding years of Canute's reign were peaceful, as became a prince who, though by no means a coward, was not of an overwhelmingly martial temperament.

The moment he made the decision to demand her as payment, all had become overwhelmingly clear, as if he had chosen at last to take control of a dream that had imprisoned him for so long.

Although by this migration the white population was again considerably reduced, 'those who remained were contented and loyal, and through the arrival of 4500 emigrants from England in the years1848-1851and by subsequent immigration from oversea the colony became overwhelmingly British in character.

The free-state men ignored the alternatives set by the Lecompton Convention; but they participated nevertheless in the provisional election for officers under the Lecompton government, capturing all offices, and then, the same day, voted overwhelmingly against the constitution (Jan.

Afghanistan appears to be, during the breeding season, the retreat of a variety of Indian and some African (desert) forms, whilst in winter the avifauna becomes overwhelmingly Eurasian.

The British public, in whom there had always been the latent desire to retrieve the surrender to the Boers which had followed the disaster at Majuba, were at last awakened by the ministerialist press to the necessity of vindicating British influence in South Africa, and the government soon found that, in spite of a highly articulate Radical minority, the feeling of the country was overwhelmingly behind them.

Cuba is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic in religion, but under the new Republic there is a complete separation of church and state, and liberalism and indifference are increasing.