Sentence Examples with the word overturn

He carefully worked the ATV down a steep washed out trail that threatened to overturn the vehicle several times.

This year saw the last of the convulsions that threatened to overturn him,a rising in the North headed by the old earl of Northumberland, by Richard Rising of Scrope, archbishop of York, and by Thomas Mowbray the North.

Parliament had degenerated into a congeries of personal groups, whose members were eager only to overturn cabinets in order to secure power for the leaders and official favors for themselves.

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His great object, as it was also the great object of Faraday, was to overturn the idea of action at a distance.

Marius, however, unlike Caesar, did not attempt to overturn the oligarchy by means of the army; he used rather such expedients as the constitution seemed to allow, though they had to be backed up by riot and violence.

The various attempts that were made to overturn the new dynasty seem contemptible to the historian of the 20th century.

Damian understood the delicate balance between Good and Evil, just as he understood the Black God had the power to overturn that balance as long as the Guardians were powerless.