Sentence Examples with the word oversized

She sat in the oversized armchair, curling her legs beneath her as she drank her wine.

The apartment was almost as she'd last seen it: comfortable and crowded with oversized furniture and rugs coating every carpeted space.

Darian had never seen anything half as beautiful as the pale, exhausted warrior in oversized clothing she must've borrowed from the beefier Guardians who lived at the station.

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She had an oversized lollipop in her hand and her two front teeth had been colored out.

Sofia slipped on oversized flip-flops Traci dug out of one of the closets.

He wore an ill-fitting suit and his neck seemed to be untouched by an oversized collar.

Sitting in the oversized chair near the fire with blood cocktail in hand, brand new emotion washed over him.

She wore an oversized shirt and boxer shorts, neither of which was hers.