Sentence Examples with the word overseas

Nevertheless events were already occurring which ultimately compelled Sweden to depart from her neutrality and lay the foundations of an overseas empire.

The war organization of the home establishment, with its general and special reserves, aimed at the mobilization and despatch overseas of 6 army divisions, each of 12 battalions in 3 brigades; 9 field batteries in 3 brigades, a brigade of 3 field howitzer batteries, and a heavy battery, each with the appropriate ammunition columns; 2 field companies and telegraph company R.E.; 2 companies mounted infantry; and ambulances, columns and parks.

Foreseeing the wrath of the king against all who obeyed the mandate from Rome, the larger number of the bishops and many others of the higher clergy fled overseas to escape the storm.

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Regular Arnzy.-The duties of the regular army are to garrison India and overseas colonies, to garrison Great Britain and Ireland, and to find expeditionary forces of greater or less strength for war in Europe or elsewhere.

Meanwhile, his people acted as the eyes on the ground to the regular military, most of which was exiled overseas after the war to prevent the divided political elite from seizing control of it again.

The hostility of Poland and the break up of Russia involved him in two overseas contests for the possession of Livonia and Ingria, while his pretensions to Lapland brought upon him a war with Denmark in the last year of his reign.

An overseas bank account in the company name contained a balance of one million dollars as startup funds for us to secure quarters for the enterprise.

On his return to Canada he became Minister of Militia and Defence, and in that capacity was responsible for the creation of the Overseas force which in 1914 came over to take its share in the World War.

General Greene has spent too long at war overseas to know where Ohio is.

Having mastered the knowledge to become a London black cab driver, Serek is now becoming knowledgeable about the overseas property market.