Sentence Examples with the word overpowered

Now finally overpowered Lobau, once more recaptured Plancenoit, and sealed the doom of the French army.

Few books have added so much to the innocent mirth of mankind of the first two parts of Gulliver; the misanthropy is quite overpowered by the fun.

The young prince fought bravely; but, being badly wounded and overpowered by numbers, he was secured and sent to the camp of the Kajar chief.

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Aside from those more obvious considerations touching Moby Dick, which could not but occasionally awaken in any man's soul some alarm, there was another thought, or rather vague, nameless horror concerning him, which at times by its intensity completely overpowered all the rest; and yet so mystical and well nigh ineffable was it, that I almost despair of putting it in a comprehensible form.

After an obstinate fight the Scots were overpowered and defeated with great loss.

One and all skilful to a surpassing degree - weavers, embroiderers, potters, painters, engravers, carvers, sculptors and jewellers, - they were wearied by drudgery and overpowered by a never-absent, weird and grotesque theology.

X., were indeed a customary part of ordinary religious feasts; but there they were an outlet for natural merriment, here they have changed their character to express an emotion more sombre and more intense, by which the prophets, and often mere chance spectators too, were so overpowered that they 2 I Sam.

He made an attempt to oppose the agrarian law introduced by Caesar for distributing the lands of Campania, but was overpowered and even personally ill-treated by the mob.

For a moment his persistent grip reminded her of another time when he had overpowered her.

The prince reciprocated this antipathy, but it was overpowered by his contempt for her.