Sentence Examples with the word overlook

Farther west the serrated crests of the Blue Ridge overlook the Greater Appalachian Valley, here 73 m.

At the same time we ought not to overlook the affinities between the doctrine of Plotinus and that remarkable combination of Greek and Hebrew thought which Philo Judaeus had expounded two centuries before; nor the fact that Neoplatonism was developed in conscious antagonism to the new religion which had spread from Judea, and was already threatening the conquest of the GraecoRoman world, and also to the Gnostic systems (see Gnosticism); nor, finally, that it furnished the chief theoretical support in the last desperate struggle that was made under Julian to retain the old polytheistic worship.

Hence to weave the data into a single historical outline or into an orderly evolution of thought is to overlook the probability of bona J.

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But when three or four days had slided by, after meeting the children-seeking Rachel; and no spout had yet been seen; the monomaniac old man seemed distrustful of his crew's fidelity; at least, of nearly all except the Pagan harpooneers; he seemed to doubt, even, whether Stubb and Flask might not willingly overlook the sight he sought.

Even the churches offered little opposition to the excesses of persons in authority, and in many instances the clergy, both Protestant and Catholic, acquired an unenviable notoriety for their readiness to overlook or condone actions which outraged the higher sentiments of humanity.

But the definiteness of this line should not cause us to overlook the fact that there was during these centuries much confusion of custom and practice.

He chose to overlook Cora's disappointment at how close she'd been to home without being able to go back.

He chose to overlook the idea of his nishani cursing like a man at battle.

Nor must we overlook the possibility that the endosporeformation in non-motile bacteria more than merely resembles the development of azygospores in the Conjugatae, and some Ulothricaceae, if reduced in size, would resemble them.

These tombs, which lie outside the city and overlook it from the surrounding hills, a feature characteristically Arabic, remain the most interesting monuments of Palmyra.