Sentence Examples with the word overdue

Detective Norman Hunter, who met the arriving aircraft, was unperturbed by the overdue flight.

Interest was charged at very high rates for overdue loans of this.

They were overdue for a discussion, one she'd been unwilling to start but that he would see through.

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Dean retreated to their quarters to handle some overdue paper work and so spent the remainder of the morning.

The agonizing memories ruptured to the surface at last, forcing a long overdue reaction.

To with the order his satraps Tissaphernes and Pharriabazus, Greets, in Asia Minor, to collect the tribute overdue from Peace Of the Greek cities.

In the ordinary working of a hot-water apparatus the expansion pipe already referred to will prevent any overdue pressure occurring in the boiler; should, however, the pipes Safety become blocked in any way while the apparatus is valves.

But in April he was once more overthrown by the French in a battle fought at Novara, his Swiss clamouring at the last moment for their overdue pay, and treacherously refusing to fight against a force of their own countrymen led by La Tremouille.