Sentence Examples with the word outstanding

But the outstanding figure in the controversies of the first half of the 12th century is Abelard.

In a general survey of the life of this period, as it is revealed by the fossils, three outstanding facts are apparent: (I) the great divergence between the Cambrian fauna and that of the present day; (2) the Cambrian life assemblage differs in no marked manner from that of the succeeding Ordovician and Silurian periods; there is a certain family likeness which unites all of them; (3) the extraordinary complexity and diversity not only in the assemblage as a whole but within certain limited groups of organisms. Although in the Cambrian strata we have the oldest known fossiliferous rocks - if we leave out of account the very few and very obscure organic remains hitherto recorded from the pre-Cambrian - yet we appear to enter suddenly into the presence of a world richly peopled with a suite of organisms already far advanced in differentiation; the Cambrian fauna seems to be as far removed from what must have been the first forms of life, as the living forms of this remote period are distant from the creatures of to-day.

Having in his first published paper 1 shown his mastery of analysis, he proceeded to apply its resources to the great outstanding problems in celestial mechanics.

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The outstanding event in the latest history of Ultramontanism is the separation between Church and state in France (1904), by which the republic has endeavoured to break the influence of this party.

They appear at first as outstanding processes on the surface of the body.

The outstanding orographic feature of the country is the terrace-formation of the land, which rises from sea-level by well-marked steps to the immense plateau which forms seven-eighths of South Africa.

This is not to say that Hamilton would have been a great CEO, nor Zuckerberg an outstanding general.

There is no outstanding debt.

His prose idylls, The Garden that I love and In Veronica's Garden, are full of a pleasant, open-air flavour, which is also the outstanding feature of his English Lyrics.

Maury thus gave up an internationally famous and outstanding career when confederates like Lee and yankees like Grant were not known and he remained with his state of Virginia.