Sentence Examples with the word outright

For once, she wanted to see Darian, to ask him outright what the fuck was going on.

It would seem then that by the stinging of insects or spiders their powers of resistance are overcome and their escape prevented; that some are killed outright and some paralysed is merely an incidental result.

Finally, in 1823, the claims of the nizam over the Northern Circars were bought outright by the Company, and they became a British possession.

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He had since they first crossed paths in the shadow world, when he offered her a choice: to cure the inoperable brain tumor killing her or to outright kill her before she declined, whichever outcome she preferred.

Asked me outright if I thought Claire might have pinched it.

This land, however, fell within the limits of the tract bought outright by the Ohio Company, which sold it to the Scioto Company, and to which it reverted on the failure of the Scioto Company to pay.

Through Brennan's subtle urging, the authorities, ultimate recipients of our tips, were learning to deny them outright or down playing their importance.

The fact the mysterious creatures could find him whenever they wanted made him cautious about outright opposing them.

The predator paced, not outright rejecting her request but not responding either.

Corday never volunteered any information and when Dean asked him outright if Shipton was still alive, the officer ignored the question and changed the subject.