Sentence Examples with the word outraged

The moral sense was outraged by such a pope as Alexander VI.; and neither the military ambition of Julius II.

On the evening of Sunday, the 9th of February, Mary took her last leave of the miserable boy who had so often and so mortally outraged her as consort and as queen.

Thwarted at every point by the officials, and outraged by his countrymen in his attempt to carry out the new laws which his humanity had procured, he returned to Spain and resigned his dignity (1547).

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Public opinion had been outraged by the immunity with which the governors of certain provinces, and more particularly Dr Julio Costa, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, had been allowed to maintain local forces, by the aid of which they exacted the payment of illegal taxes and exercised other acts of injustice and oppression.

On the death of Cosimo in 1574 Francesco succeeded to the grand duchy; he now installed Bianca in a fine palace close to his own and outraged his wife by flaunting his mistress before her.

The prefect Sempronius wished her to marry his son, and on her refusal condemned her to be outraged before her execution, but her honour was miraculously preserved.

When the bitter truth was at length realized, the British flag was dragged through the dust of Pretoria streets by outraged Englishmen.

Where he was afterwards foully outraged and put to death.

At last the law-abiding Jews might and must assert the majesty of the outraged Law.

Then to coerce the Jews into con formity, the Law was outraged in the Holy Place.