Sentence Examples with the word outnumber

Kris.s Immortals appeared to outnumber the demons two to one for now, and Katie would call for him if she needed help.

The adherents of each of these churches outnumber their communicants in a ratio which is variously estimated.

Most remarkable of all, the Roman Catholic churches, in this strong, hold of exiled Puritanism where Catholics were so long under the heavy ban of law, outnumber those of any single Protestant denomination; Irish Catholics dominate the politics of the city, and Protestants and Catholics have been aligned against each other on the question of the control of the public schools.

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P. 544) considers that this is only the case in the earlier part of the season, and that later the females greatly outnumber the males.

As the mortality amongst boys, especially during the first year, is considerably above that of the other sex, numerical equilibrium between the two is established in early youth, and in most cases girls outnumber boys, except for a few years between twelve and sixteen.

They outnumber the whites by 9 to 1.

The mestizos (486,018) are less numerous than the Indians, but outnumber the whites by more than two to one.

As the numbers of known stars of the two types are nearly equal, it is clear that, at all events in our immediate neighbourhood, the solar stars must greatly outnumber the Sirian.

Of the total number of farms about seven times as many are operated by white as by negro farmers, though the number of farms operated by white share tenants outnumber those operated by negro share tenants by only about five to one.

The Presbyterians and Protestant Episcopalians each outnumber the Roman Catholics in Belfast, and these three are the chief religious divisions.