Sentence Examples with the word outlined

But he needed time in order to build a navy and to prepare for the execution of the schemes for the overthrow of the British power in India, which he had lately outlined to General Decaen, the new governor of the French possessions in that land.

Breasted and some account of the temples and fortresses from Halfa to Khartum will be found in the following section, Ancient Monuments south of Haifa, while the history of the early and medieval Christian kingdoms is outlined in the articles Ethiopia and Dongola.

He wore jeans and a t-shirt that outlined his lean frame.

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The room was dark, the floor-to-ceiling windows displaying the incredible views of the Eiffel Tower, whose frame was outlined by lights against the dark Parisian sky She was about to step onto the balcony when a knock at the door drew her attention.

In diameter, the substructure formed of logs and brushwood mingled with stones and clay, and outlined by piles driven into the bottom of the shallow lake.

There is in some places an unconformity between the Richmond beds (or their equivalent) and underlying formations, and this unconformity, together with certain palaeontological considerations, has raised the question whether the uppermost part of the system, as outlined above, should not be classed as Silurian (Upper Silurian).

As originally dictated, Beowulf probably contained the story outlined at the beginning of this article, with the addition of one or two of the episodes relating to the hero himself - among them the legend of the swimmiug-match.

Wellington's official part at the congress is outlined elsewhere (see Verona, Congress Of).

But the indigo jeans hugged his lean hips in a tantalizing way and outlined the long muscles in his thighs.

He wore jeans and a snug t-shirt that outlined his muscular frame.