Sentence Examples with the word outline

The deeply-indented coast line is filled with islands which preserve the general outline of the continent southward to the Fuegian archipelago, the outside groups forming a continuation of the Cordillera Maritima.

If the source be a point, such as the image formed by a lens of small focus or by a fine hole in a plate held close to a bright flame, the outline of the shadow is to be found by drawing straight lines from the luminous point so as to envelop the opaque body.

The outline of the Greek story is as follows: - St Thomas had converted the people of India, and after the eremitic life originated in Egypt, many Indians adopted it.

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Dealing freely with the outline of Castruccio's career, as he had previously dealt with Cesare Borgia, he sketched his own ideal of the successful prince.

Here, some light vial the living room picture window provided a faint outline of fixtures and furniture.

She carefully drew the outline of a truck around the words on the top.

His lean torso, narrow hips and the outline of muscular thighs reminded her too well why she wasn't able to get him out of her mind.

The western and northern coasts are regular in outline with long straight beaches; and shallows are common in the seas that wash them.

The iconoclastic movement is perhaps the most dramatic episode in Byzantine history, and the above outline of its external events must be completed by an appreciation of its deeper historical and religious significance and results.

Browne, Maryland: the History of a Palatinate (Boston, 188 4 and 1895), an excellent outline of the colonial history; N.