Sentence Examples with the word outing

Yet when he went to Manchester on a brief political outing two years before, he was received with such acclaim as he had never known in his life.

She had always been a recluse at heart, often declining a social outing with her friends so that she could be alone with a book or her writing.

As he motored away in his ancient Scout, Cynthia enthusiastically described her outing as she followed her husband and his man-powered mower.

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This evening outing was a perfect opportunity to show Katie what she could gain by moving back with him.

Never mind there were only three hundred die-hard fans with nothing else to do in attendance for the end of the year outing of a last place team.

The two planned an outing the next day at the Jersey shore and wanted to get an early start.

Felipa left them to their family outing and returned to the house.

While the theft of the bone cast a pall on the upcoming activity, the anticipation of an outing in the mountains helped brighten their mood.